Direct links to each devcon talk

I’ve found the full recording of Safe Devcon 2018 but there’s no timestamps for individual talks. Are those available anywhere?

If not, I plan on skimming through and making direct links for all of them. That list is in progress, though it would be awesome if I simply missed info somewhere else and don’t have to do it :wink:

EDIT: As @Josh pointed out, David Ross already commented on the video with timestamped links:


As mentioned in the last dev update, the videos of the individual talks will be out within the next week or so :slightly_smiling_face:


Aha! So I’ll only bother to comb through for the talks that have been specifically recommended so far, but I’ll keep adding those to the list for now as I go through.

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Thanks @Josh that’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ll update the first post with that info.

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Hi all,

Sarah has posted an update.

Each of the sessions can now be viewed on our YouTube channel as individual videos.
The whole day can be viewed through this playlist:

Enjoy :grin: