Dimitar no longer Safe Ambassador?

Today I noticed @Dimitar does not have the Safe Ambassador title under his nickname anymore. Did I missed something?


Don’t worry friend, you haven’t missed anything.

The idea of ​​the title is to inspire people, I removed it from my name a month or two ago because I don’t think I need it to inspire people.

We are here together and we will continue to be together, we have an important job to do - help people find the Safe Network :freedom:


Oh, 1-2 months, interesting I haven’t noticed sooner. Thanks for a quick answer.


Thanks for the clarification. I’ve always wondered about the meaning of “Social Media Organizer”, the title that follows some names on the forum. Does it really relate to activities outside of the forum, on social media?

There is a private discussion group for Social Media Organization in the forum for volunteers who want to help the social channels of the Safe Network:

Ah, thanks.

WhiCh is virtually useless because no one really discusses anything. Can someone remove the social media organiser tag from my bio by the way?

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