Digital assets for game makers

My understanding SAFE coin is structured data, So my question is can game makers make digital assets that can be traded for safe coin, the question is inspired by the game “spells of genesis” where country party asset can be brought into the game in form of a card.

From my understanding the network will not do this by creating safecoin. It has to be traded from someone who already has safecoin.

I gather that is what you meant, so yes it would be possible and maybe something that could eventually be built into safex (safe exchange app being written).

The SD would be well suited for this and it has been discussed (for other purposes) elsewhere (coloured coins is one)

i would like to know the answer to this, not for a spells of genesis economical model but for my own , if you want a game that has value and scarcity to its assets , then the best and one of the only ways i can see after many months working on it , is to have each and every single asset its own coin as such , so the wood, stone or items in the game are their own individual asset with their own individual distribution. more realistic of real life.

was originally thinking of each asset being it’s own individual blockchain but then you have to invent some novel way o maintaining and mining each individual blockchain, that isn’t resource intensive and cannot be easily manipulated and controlled by other means while still all connected within the game. Asset are just a hell of a lot easier

Each object would be its own SD, so you would create x number of wood, y number of stone and so on. You would then PUT (x + y + … ) SD’s with the SD type being chosen for your game say, and then the SD data in each SD contains what it is (crypto signed so people cannot change it). Then when someone gets stone then you sign over the SD to them. That is my understanding.

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