Difference between TCP/IP and HTTP

Hello Everybody can anyone help me about Deference between TCP/IP and HTTP i read some books but i don’t understood

Not an expert here so just a shallow understanding:

TCP/IP is the ”transport" later. It just moves messages from one device to another. On top of this, software can implement different protocols - ways of communicating.

One such protocol is http, which is one of the fundamental protocols of the www, and is what web browsers and web servers use to communicate with each other. But individual messages are sent/received over TCP/IP whether they are for http (www), Skype, voice-IP etc

Some protocols are built on top of other protocols, so LDP and Solid are protocols which sit on top of http - on the web that is - on SAFE TCP/IP is used at the lowest level, but then everything on top of that is custom built for privacy and security. To make use of that there’s an API so devices can use SAFE protocols, and this can even be used to simulate RESTful protocols such as Solid, as shown in my DevCon demo.

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Thanks for You very helpful know understanding Thanks for You again

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What @happybeing said but if you want a dumber way to explain it, then http is the formatted content (eg newspaper) and TCP/IP is the delivery truck that carries the http content to the user. And the roads is the wires/routers/ISP

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Thanks for You now i am understood very good thank for you again

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