Did you know? (Need some feedback)

I’m trying to contribute by making all the cool stuff of the Safenetwork a little easier to grasp, here is my first try.

Feedback is surely welcome! And maybe someone can help me get the numbers right of the total team, and are their more projects being developed on the network?

The SAFEnetwork

As i’ m making this i can come up with another 1000 did you knows :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent idea but find a good proofreader before releasing. :slight_smile:

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Very nice work!

You wanna publish this as an image or put it onto a website?


Amazing! just a minor point to consider or not, I would re-order the points though according to what’s most attention grabbing (to the dev community)


Thanks all! I will revise this one.

@anon40006692: I wanted to publish this as an image.

Is there someone who can tell me how many people are working with Maidsafe in total?

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