Did Linux kill Microsoft?


Microsoft looks dead to me? Was this Linux?


Linux, Apple, Google
But Microsoft is really responsible for the LAG in there game


I’ve heard they’ve now got this little vulture capital firm in the mix trying to run things giving managers MOU on how they are going to inflate this little worthless firms profit by 3x over 5 years. Basically at total parasite liquidator. Worse than a brain tumor. I suspect the lock down modal nature of Win 8 may reflect this little psychopathic cluster f’s agenda.


Microsoft is definitely not dead. If anything, these past two years they have been more present at international engineering fora than at any time since BillG left. They recently contributed WinRT support to Boost for example, the idea of Microsoft actively contributing to open source projects was not possible a few years ago. Two years ago employees were unbanned from contributing to many open source projects, previously it was a disciplinary offence if you got caught.

If I remember rightly, a few years ago they were the fifth largest contributor to the Linux kernel too. They use Linux extensively in house. And BSD.

The top engineering teams at Microsoft are world class bar none. I used to be in one of the top three teams at BlackBerry and I knew the others well, and in my opinion we fell far short of Microsoft’s excellence at their top. Their top teams are amazing, ours were merely outstanding by industry averages, but theirs were breathtakingly good - you felt like you were in a room full of Nobel Prize winners, mainly because you were. And very much wasted by Microsoft incidentally, they aren’t used at anything like capacity.