Did anyone hear about Arweave?

New perpetual web - we need partnerships with companies and VCs just like Arweave team did. Thoughts? These partners are now going to push Arweave product to market and potential customers bringing in growth and adoption.

Maidsafe team, any thoughts?

Well wisher as always!!!


They were brought up to us by a VC but I had never heard of them. All I can say is best of luck to them. I am sure those VCs will push them, but I also suspect consumer facing projects like ours don’t benefit as much from that. Partnerships, great, but where when and what etc.

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But at some point Maidsafe team will also need some powerful corporate partnerships. This project will not get the credibility and penetration without it. Consumers will come only after corporate clients. Strategic business partnerships are generally a great way to get started. When timing is right, feel a couple of folks at Maidsafe should focus only on corporate partnerships. Allow 6-7 months for those to get finalized so from timing standpoint may need to start thinking accordingly on when to start on that…

contrary to everything else, I think corporate (and some investor partnerships) will be critical. I still feel some partnership with Bitcoin focused firms like Blockstream etc will be great if there are synergies. Something formal with TBL project will be great too. They are tied with corporations strategically with some powerful backers.


The Maidsafe price has not been discussed recently but as we reach testnets and visibility is gaining, i think investors (especially long term holders) would love if they are being rewarded for supporting this project from economic standpoint as well. No harm in it : )

I think the maidsafe price will adjust accordingly with demand and all long term holders will be rewarded well. However, I also really like Radix DLT concept. It is another venture run by a UK based firm launching soon after 6-7 years of R&D. Their idea is to keep the price of coin constant/consistent so the price of service is controlled. As the value of network increases, they will give corresponding additional coins to existing holders so the total value of their holdings increase even if the price of the coin is consistent/maintained. I am not sure of MAIDSAFE coin pricing algo but hope holders will be rewarded as network increases in prominence.

I havent posted in a while but have been watching the progress. Great work by Maidsafe team!!