DevUpdate: transcript 1/12/2014


Hi all!

Sorry I forgot to publish last Monday’s transcript of our weekly developers update meeting

Find the overview here: Weekly Dev Update Transcript 1/12/2014



Installers! This week! Ohw boy, let the fun begin :slight_smile:


Woow, Man this whole crypto thing is absolutely fascinating. I can’t believe its been only 6 months since maid-safe launched. It feels like i have lived several life times already, please note that I don’t mean things are going slow. I just mean so much excitement all over the place.

With projects in the safecoin space, bitcoin space, stellar, mastercoin… geez its hard to keep up :smile: But its so much fun trying … I knew I should have gone into programming after my I.T graduation 8 years ago. Instead here I am cheering away … for maidsafe instead of playing in the game itself…

Regardless keep up the good work all…


We know the feeling @nhial :slight_smile:


Installers? Where? Where? Lemme at em lmeme at em! Gimme gimme!


…and almost 9 years since conception :cold_sweat: