Development of complex multi-user applications on SafeNet

Can someone point me to the docs, manuals or any other info covering a creation of multi-user applications on SafeNet? If at all possible.

Wouldn’t that just be an app that uses the APIs to allow any user to log in with their public IDs or something? If that’s the case you’d want to look at the API docs.

It’s tempting to think in traditional ways about solving standard problems but I wonder that expecting a centralised solution might not be the better option where users can access their own data securely. I expect some answers then will be distributed in ways not seen before. I don’t know the reality of opportunity for SAFE to host contract like computing but perhaps that would also be an option. Otherwise you’re just looking at a traditional solution that mounts user data that it has access to and as Blindsite2k suggests, then uses the API to action change… API detailed at


There’s hasn’t really any been done yet, on the current network. There are two interesting approaches on two different levels though: decorum (search it on the forum) and the previous messaging app. The first uses a high level fetching mechanism to fetch all user generated content client side from the browser while the later is (/was) build directly into the system. I suspect that we will soon see many which mix both approaches; sending messages when the mechanism is back (it’s currently unsupported) but storing content with and fetching from the user generating it.

However, more than those conceptions like examples doesn’t exist at the moment…

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