DevCon talk Supercharging the SAFE Network with Project Solid



I’ll bite…

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Handy diagram of Solid architecture…


SAFE + Solid = no need for Google

No doubt there will be a use for search, but if people use apps which create RDF / LinkedData, then search will be built in from the start. Here’s Tim explaining:

I think it is really important that you understand why it is useful to make little RDF pages which all link to each other.

I want you to understand that if people do that, then they will make lots of triples in the end which you will be able to index in your sparql store … but they can do lots of things using just local links and no global search.

Like the web was very functional before Google, because people learned how to follow links (Easy) and make links (done carefully). After people had made lots of links between for example blogs or calednar entries and home pages, then Google came along with a disk big enough to store them all so you could search them — but lets go backwith Solid to before that. Solid can wok at a basic level with just making and following links. If it does work,then linked data will spread like a crazy vine and we will have masses of it. So I need you to wrap your head around that model.

– Tim Berners-Lee (today)

Is there a safe search engine?

That will be good. Search engines can be good, but I do remember the days of the web being the web of links.

Didn’t know that cooking would be involved though “wok at a basic level with just making and following links”. Guess I’ll have to buy some of these “links” and bake them into my next pie


My talk in the OP was focused on how Solid is a platform for different user oriented apps sharing data, and concluded with the point that this is not going to be just your data, but everyone’s data - all able to be made, mixed, mashed, shared and edited by different apps.

From the other end of the spectrum we have big projects adopting the same semantic LinkedData / RDF in government, NGOs and commercial applications. Even these don’t tend to be well known which means it’s easy to think this isn’t gaining much traction, so I’m going to post one every so often for those who don’t follow it in other forums. Here’s one…