DevCon: Last minute places!

We’ve had a couple of last minute pull outs for DevCon on Monday 23rd April - which means we have a few spaces up for grabs!

If you can get to Ayr on Sunday 22nd April then you’ll get two nights hotel accommodation, a place at DevCon, food during the day/evening, some swag etc - all for the bargain price of - free! :grin:

Whilst the event is very much focused on Devs, I’d personally be keen to see members of the SAFE Network community take up the places whether they’re Devs or not at this late stage as opposed to cancelling the hotel rooms. It’ll be a great chance to put faces to names and just generally chat about all things SAFE Network.

If anyone thinks they fancy it, please get in touch - either below or DM me!


If you are travelling from the south by train, the virgin trains website is showing alerts for bus replacements between Glasgow Queen Street and Glasgow Central on the Sunday. That makes it a 9 hour journey for me from the south east :open_mouth: . Though getting back on Tuesday is much easier and faster.

I was definitely going to watch the live stream, but being at the first Safe DevCon sounds better :slight_smile: I’ll need to think about it.


@zeroflaw just for info, takes about 5-7 mins to walk from Glasgow Queen St to Glasgow Central, it’s not too far to walk between the two


Ahh, not sure why it was showing me a 40 minute bus. I can fly from LGW much faster for about the same price, so thats another option.


2 free tickets… I am very tempted. Not sure I can get the time off.

… was thinking. Are there any well known YouTubers in the crypto world, well known reporters, other media big players that could be invited to shmooze and report live from Dev con?

Would max keiser be interested? Any other reporters? BBC click? Sky swipe show? Was there any luck with presenters from channels like computerphile and numberphile?

Who else could you invite with influence and reach?

Free food, accommodation… throw in a cheap flight and boom - you could have media coverage by someone of semi influence?


You would be very welcome, hopefully you can make it!


If there is one more space left I’m very tempted to come and finally meet you all! Especially since @Zoki will be there :wink:


Hi all - just to say, I’ve had a bit of a deluge of emails and messages overnight from people looking to come to DevCon! Will be sorting this these this am and drawing lots so if you’ve messaged me, I’ll be in touch v soon!


Where will you be drinking Sun/Mon night? I might come down and buy some of these wonderful folks a beer or two…


I’d say they will be ultra busy sunday night. But Monday night they will be eating/drinking somewhere we’ve been told in another post . Maybe PM Dug to find out where

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just pinged you a DM!

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