Dev Update - Week Beginning 26th May 2014


Hi everyone,

Welcome to the second helping of the weekly core Dev update and to be honest it only feels like yesterday we posted the first one, as things are very hectic here in Scotland (and Ireland) - time just seems to be flying by. So what has been happening this week…?

Network Visualiser & Mobile Ports

As we mentioned in a few of our Google Hangouts we have been looking for remote resources to help us get the Mobile ports going sooner. This week we’ve made great progress in that direction. We’ve currently got KaryaTech, a Mobility Solutions Provider, working on a trial project with us to create the Network Visualiser tool. While this is a trial project, this tool is going to be quite useful during initial testnets and general network debugging. For its first iteration our aim is to provide a front-end similar to the Java network monitoring tool you’ve seen in a few of our YouTube videos. The guys from Karya have shown excellent progress and we’re almost half the way through the project.
Mobile ports for the main platforms of iOS / Android should start with the successful completion of the trial. You guys will certainly be informed of the progress of that project once it starts off so do stay tuned to this forum.

Vaults & Examples

Storing of pmid keys in the network to allow new nodes to validate peers is now implemented in the local network controller and has been merged to the master branch. This change will allow us to mount Drive and login / logout against a network set up by the local network controller. It has some intermittent errors with routing / vault joining on low end machines just now which we are working on resolving.

We are also aligning the network drive tool (mounting of Drive against network) to work with the local network controller. We are purchasing a load of odroids (low end machines) and are planning to setup a local static testnet using these machines here in Troon.

QA & Tests

This week we have increased our focus on highlighting and fixing failing tests across all platforms with a goal of turning the entire dashboard green. Benchmarking, enabling Encrypt and Drive (local drive) benchmarks and recording the results. We are also working towards setting up Drive benchmarks for the testnets.


MaidSafe now builds clean on FreeBSD and will be included in our CI environment this week.

SAFE community pods

We have @benjaminbollen and @caguettaz with us for a few weeks to spend time with the dev team to kickstart the community spread of the code base. We have plenty of ideas to keep them busy. It is really great to see knowledge sharing and open development first hand; this is just the beginning…

As always, if you would like more information on a specific area please ask and we will do our utmost to provide more detail.


Id like to give a big thank you for you guys giving us a weekly updates. Its much appreciated by those of us that aren’t behind the scenes all day every day.