Dev Update Week beginning 17th November 2014



Last week we started with a fixed weekly developers meeting on Monday. This format is working quite well for us to keep resident and remote developers updated: every team member briefly states what (s)he has been working on and will work on this week.

After every meeting we will post a simple transcript of the meeting here on under the Dev Update threads.

Read the transcript here - Monday 17 november 2014


Yay for transcripts!

I like videos too, but transcripts summing things up are much faster.


Thanks for the update!

I do have one request though: Would you mind updating the system-docs branch on git? I offered to translate to german some months ago and that offer still stands. I’d like to start with the parts that are already done, so I don’t have to do it all at once. :wink:

PS: Any ETAs you feel comfortable sharing with us?


MaidSafe ahead of issues


So wonderful to hear the news of an update, it seems so long almost like eternality for any sense of progress when you are not a dev, lol.


These are almost finalised now in a form that is much better, the last edits are happening and the new clean version should be ready soon, for translation to all languages. You will be very welcome to translate for us, it would be a great help.


We use JIRA for a fair chunk of feature tracking too, so that graph includes feature work.



I will be able to contribute to the translation to Mandarin Chinese. Fluent in in both languages.


That will be incredibly useful for this project.

China will be very interested in SAFE.

Please translate and share everything about MaidSafe you can find! Such as text from:
MaidSafe’s twitter pictures (great info there)
MaidSafe’s YouTube videos,