Dev Update - postponed until Thursday

Hey everyone,

A heads up that this week’s Dev Update will be postponed until Thursday and not published today. We are working on some merges and tests, which we need another day to sort out. On Thursday just to set expectations we will not be releasing the full MVP but should have very good news to share with everyone.

In the meantime, rather than give folks nothing we have just made the Roadmap live - Enjoy!

Until Thursday - cheers Ross


It’s okay guys take your time :slight_smile:

Also I wanted to claim my first spot again so please ignore my original post :smiley:

I’m not even mad, this roadmap look’s flippin fantastic:


I will keep waiting!


Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:


sigh can’t say I’m not disappointed. There is nothing more frustrating than when things go from “good news” to “bad/no news” so quickly.


I sympathize very much, but I can’t imagine how the devs feel.

David is very passionate about the community so I hope he doesn’t get himself down thinking he let us down.

The ants continue to march :slight_smile:


Can’t understand what is the roadmap … where are the dates estimation ?

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'tis not about dates but about all the logical and organisational steps that are defined and are either complete or in flight to be landed at their appropriate times and when they are ready to be merged.


They abandoned dates because program development never goes as planned and if you’ve followed recently you’ll see it’s very hard to stick to a release date for that reason.


I’m loving the roadmap.

While I’m sure they’re a long way off, smart contracts & computation handling will make this network incredibly powerful in its capabilities!

Looking forward to the journey as the network gets off the ground and starts developing :slight_smile:


When I saw the future development timeline, I started foaming at the mouth. All of these things are amazing and each one gets better and better.


@Ross I don’t expect the roadmap to work on mobile but it’s actually in some endless reload loop (firefox on Android).


@dirvine Not to put you on the spot, feel free to ignore this, but is there something you can say in regards to why the MVP went from 'possibly before next tuesday’s release to being delayed past thursday? That must’ve been a doozy of a bug… ’

Same here @happybeing I can’t load on firefox. It’s on reload loop. It works on chrome, though.

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Loads fine for me, but I’m on an older version of FF. From what it appears, all things are ready except the ‘test remote network’. Vault configs, desktop installers etc.

are we talking mobile only here? works normal on win32 ffx and googlechrome where i can test

firefox 32bit (v.45.0.2) on 64bit arch machine.

Edited: it’s working but still refresh repeatedly.


I read that already and I do not know what that means. Is he referring to the Heisenburg uncertainty principle?

The possibly never changed it remained possible till it was not really :slight_smile: I am optimistic and realistic as well. So we don’t start a race think we will not come in first but everyone else must start that way to. It’s not wrong and not an error, the community expect my honesty and that’s what they get.

I feel it’s better than keeping secrets and spinning a load of stuff without warning. I suppose it’s all a matter fo how you work. This is my way and yes it means we are under a ton of pressure in the office, but I do release the pressure valve as well. This is such a release.

Hope you can understand? whether you would do it this way or not is another matter, but nothing works for everybody I think. I understand that and respect other ways of working as well.