Dev team should get out of MAID and into BTC

I recommend doing this before we lose our market for MAID. There will always be a market for BTC, so even if it doesn’t have and upside like MAID that is really growing in intrinsic value, BTC is not vulnerable to a catastrophic failure at least. Right now it looks like some people have stepped up with offers to buy for a reasonably good price. I would take them up on that offer even if that doesn’t represent a 100% dump. @dirvine

Let’s see what the next few days brings.


sounds good :slight_smile: just hate to see this opportunity evaporate. I know from the fact I am one traders are crazy. One day they will put 300k on the table offering to buy and next day be like ah actually I changed my mind and pull those orders.

just thinking what I would do, and granted maybe you have some other strategy that is better in mind… start selling SOME now. I would go down to about 1k sat. Then let the buy book regenerate and feed more in. Make use of all of these last 4 days.