Dev Forum: Separate is better or worse?

Yeah lol me either, I wasnt trying to say that was the reason

Anyone can post on but you have to sign up first, as with this site. The separation is more about where you tend to hang out and many of us hang out on both. Its a matter of choice for each of us.

We might get different opinions on merging them if we asked those who hang out on the dev forum whether they would like them to be merged. The point of separating them is that while anything relevant could in theory be discussed on either, having a forum development oriented forum helps discussions to focus more on the technical aspect of product, implementation and API issues and whereas this forum is far more wide-ranging.

Any specialist topic benefits from this kind of separation I think, because it provides easier search and reference, and fosters the kind of discussion most productive for the topic, which allows greater depth. The style of discussion can also become more direct, and clean, and so on. I see the dev forum as more like github, but with the extra bells and whistles of a proper forum that help discussion. I suspect that if github had those features, we’d just have that instead.

I know some say it can be handled as a category, but we did have that and I guess it was thought not to be working well enough. I don’t know about that process, but to me it makes sense and I think is working.


I dunno. Seems to make sense to me (mostly) as it currently is. As much as this is open source where everyone can contribute, it’s mostly an incredible undertaking with some of the brightest minds suited for the task needed, to really focus on their thoughts. And if they want the general people’s input, they have this general forum. (Plus, again as it is now, apparently people can actually just post to the Dev forum, after signing up, to that separate forum.) As for further thoughts/solutions, I still do like @whiteoutmashups’s proposal of merging it back to this forum and only allowing people to Like, but not to post (if I’m understanding that properly). Either that or it would be extremely heavily moderated, and immediately cause extraneous posts to turn invisible or something like that; but that’s a bunch of extra work in itself. And then as an even further solution, only make it Random days in which shows Dev Forum posts in its general view :stuck_out_tongue: j/k.

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