Deutsche Bank's Lehman moment?

Putting this in its own thread. Could be big fallout?

Edit:This is not the fireworks I was expecting today.


The old banking world is struggling.

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Things seems to be moving - but I think they might struggle on a for a while longer. I don’t think this is Lehman moment yet as they’re only getting rid of 20% of their workforce.

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Think this caused the BTC pump this morning?

These clowns have been having problems for years.

Here’s a picture of a staff member leaving after getting fired. Sign of the times.


Leaving with a bag of Bitcoins it seems. Is that edited?

Apparently not. From Reddit.

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Of course bankers are loading up on bitcoin. Not official business but you can guarantee that behind closed doors they are personally filling their boots up with new world currency.


Any chance of a possessive apostrophe in the title? or is “banks” being used as a verb?

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The rolling stone is gaining momentum.

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