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Can you edit your post to state that you own the copyright, and say how they may be used by others, and under what conditions? Without that, they are still unlicensed and anyone using them is, in theory at least, at risk.

Really you would need to give your real world identity when doing so. , otherwise anybody could make this claim and users would be left exposed.


Edited, although I don’t feel comfortable revealing my real world identity on any public forum/messageboard.


Those are great shots, very well done, thanks!


Thanks for your encouragement, your wallpapers are great too.


Thanks mate and good work yourself :slight_smile: might dig up some more in the next few days.


we really need to move this forum into safe … (ofc only because i can’t wait to really use safe - not wanting to imply anything else =D …)



Click here for a large size version.


ey :smiley: there are a bunch of really good pictures hidden behind the link there! love especially the hammock and the little mushroom :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

but that hoodie is ofc awesome!



Yeah, that was a nice day! I’m longing for that kind of weather and to get out in the woods with my hammock again. So sick of the cold.
I’m going to München next weekend. Hoping for some spring feeling and a good photo of the Neuschwanstein Castle :smile:

Edit: Here’s a smaller version of the hammock wallpaper


Sorry if there is already a thread for this, I looked but didn’t see one.
I was thinking of a nice user created content thread for desktop wallpapers, pictures, videos, or other media using the SAFE network logo.
Here are my first ones, the gif is terrible I know but I just threw it together after creating the SAFE logo in Blender. The other 2, I just added the logo to a pretty random and meaningless pond scene I made recently. I see I can only add one image currently so I’ll upload the others when I’m able.


Here we see the island is Scotland and the anime cat girl is David Irvine and he is setting the safe network off into the waters of humanity :wink:



Looking for suggestions on this before I finalize the video (meaning rending for 8 or so hours to get it clean and crisp). Suggestions on water color, water transparency, water drain speed, fade speed, video length, etc etc.


I only heard about blender, but that is all. Have you looked at youtube for “blender water”, like maybe this one?


Sure there are a bunch of different ways to make water, that video uses the most realistic fluid physics simulation (and most computationally expensive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). But I was thinking of doing a different scene using real fluid and maybe having the water form the safe logo, maybe start glowing, who knows.


Sounds very interesting, looking forward to see what you choose and where you take it creatively. I can imagine it needs alot computing horse powers. :slightly_smiling_face:


Made this one for you :wink: Damn 4mb file size limit is a killer, so it’s so tiny. And you can see how jagged the water is in the end, because to get perfect water you need a REAL strong video card and lots of ram, I could’ve made it a bit smoother but of coarse I just wanted to get it done within 8 hours xD


Thanks, looks good! I noticed the problem at the end as you mentioned but in the short time and limited mb size it looks good. :slight_smile: Those you put in the gif thread are awesome, the details and physics looks awesome, love that it almost looks like condensation on the surface. :slight_smile: