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Thank you Sir, I appreciate that, I will try some more there.


I have finished checking about half of my wallpapers creations that removed 3 that were under a Copyright, but that was a clear minority, 12 were found on Free stock sites or just under generic wallpapers without any known author.

Thank you for your contributions everyone, I will finish checking the rest of these today or tomorrow, so they can be SAFE for use and re-use by all.


Ok, maybe not 100% but count with that many of those free collections contains licenced images. Istock photo is well known to create such free collection webs by “unknown authors” which are filled with their licenced images. They create such scammy “free collections” so people naively use them. Than they wait some time, months, even years and than they attack. They send you an ivoice with $500-$2000 fee per image they own licence for. Those are not peanuts, but huge amounts. They count the fee based on the resolution and time that image was online. I have read many articles abou this scammy behavior by istock photo. Their income is not from selling images, but from scamming people with artificial free collections and than with army of lawers suing naive people. It is much cheaper to buy those images from some big photobank, because if they sell you image licenced by another photobank you can sue them and get your money back. Buf free collections usually do not have someone you can sue to pay you after iStock Photo has drained all your money.

Edit: I remembered it wrong, it was not iStock Photo but Getty Images who does this .


Be nice if you could dig one or two references/links up for all of us to read about this scammy practice


Well, I remembered it wrong. It was not IStock photo but “Getty Images” company. It doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t matter which company makes you trouble. Here are some links. You can find hundreds of such articles about this practice by Getty Images on google. So many people complayning about receiving such letters for using free images.


I have read through some of those results and not found some that were using “Free” images, the second link was about a blog that someone uploaded an image to his/her site, no mention that it was a Free one or not.

I have already removed 3 images out of around 15 check, so far, that were found on Stock Image sites, whether they were free or not. That is only 20% of the ones I have checked, hardly 100%. While I understand your concern, I will continue to check the posted images until they have all been verified as Safe. Then I will also verify new images using these same methods. There is no need to delete all of my creations or delete this entire thread!


i guess we all love your images but we don’t want you to get sued for them …


Thanks Rid, I appreciate your support.


Don’t take me wrong please. I like your work. I just have very bad experience with using free images. And even if all except one are really free, the problems with the one can be pretty bad. I did not post here links proving that they create fake free collections. Proving such would destroy their business. It is just what many users think because of such massive lawsuit strategy. Simply try to read more about getty images and their earning strategy. They would never be able to earn so much money just by catching people stealing images on purpose. Almost all the victims are people who thought they are using free images.


I understand that I will need to be more careful, and as @JPL shared there are other resources available for images that won’t be copyrighted and I plan on using tineye for searching and avoiding stock images sites altogether.


Wikimedia Commons is a great place for finding public domain and creative commons licenses that are rather generous with their terms.


Awesome effort and it’s a testament to your character that you get back up and wipe off your knees and forge ahead. Keep it up the @maidsafe team needs you.


That is so wrong and nasty of them to be doing that.

Isn’t that entrapment in the USA and illegal or does that only apply to LEAs

Australian courts have taken a dim view of companies doing anything of this sort and usually come down hard on the companies.

Eg Microsoft had to pay compensation (1000’s each person) for burying a clause in their T&Cs that allowed them to remotely wipe “other” data from the XBox. Media companies suing a pair of people for copying and giving away free dvds of movies. The pair where not profiting and the media companies were after many millions + millions in costs. The court gave the pair a slap on the wrist since they had no idea and were trying to help the really poor in the area. The media companies tried for costs and the court basically told them to stick it where the sun no shine.

Keep up the great work and yes do watch your back


Well, that is just about everyone in the Crypto-Sphere, lately :smile:

Thanks for your support, guy and gals, this really keep me going and active, where otherwise I would be a log in front of my computers each day.
You all have my thanks!!


UPDATE: I have now removed about 10 more that were found on Stock Image sites, which I am disappointed about, but it was necessary and I understand that.

I would appreciate some double checking by anyone willing to help weed out anymore that I may have missed.
I used but if you know of any other similar sites, please let me know.


New one for today.


#165 (on the desktop browser, press on the camera icon. The mobile version doesn’t show that option)


Yeah, that is what I WAS using but it doesn’t show Stock photo sites very often.
So, I had no idea that my results may have been on a Pay site or not.


I think you’re doing a great job @SalvorinFex Sad to see some of the images go.
Check out where you can find a lot of beautiful photos free to use :smiley:

I’ve also posted some of my own photos as wallpapers. They are pretty high resolution so perfect for high res screens or print:


Here’s some pictures from my travelling days that I’ve converted to wallpapers.

Edit; I’m the sole copyright holder as I’m the photographer. Images may not be edited, but may be used by anyone in it’s current state to promote the Safe Network as intended, and/or used by any individual as their personal wallpaper.