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Hey @SalvorinFex - I actually meant to let you know, last week I was giving a talk up in Aberdeen and I was used this one in a presentation (Desktop Wallpapers. Love them, as @SarahPentland says - please keep them coming! :smile:


Thanks for the encouraging words, I Really appreciate that.
I am impressed that there’s been such a positive response to these and it brightens my day with great comments like these.

Thank you to everyone that has commented and Liked my wallpapers, I am glad to be able to contribute to this project in my own small way.





OH alright, I can see what hits me as a good option for these.

Thanks @neo


Just to be sure, do you have licences to use these pictures for your wallpapers?


I have tried to make sure that these aren’t under any copyright, for example no name associated with them, and just generic file names.


Remember, unless explicitly stated as copyleft or with creative commons, the default mode is to be copyrighted, regardless of having a generic name or not.


Just ask @nicklambert if you can use these pictures ( ) for the purpose of wallpapers.

Actually I did ask by writing that


My concern is not with MaidSafe but with the authors of the stock photos.


Maidsafe will know whether they can be used or not. This is why @nicklambert is the one to ask.


My understanding is that these wallpapers by @SalvorinFex is an individual effort, and that he is googling the images. That’s why I wanted to warn him of potential issues it may arise.

As long as Nick hasn’t used SalvorinFex’s creations as official MaidSafe’s wallpaper, Nick wouldn’t need to be bothered.


Chicken & Egg. You need to ask Nick anyhow, either to ask if allowed to use OR if he is going to officially use the wallpaper created from those images + if that created wallpaper is copyright or not (by Maidsafe).


I don’t see a problem, certainly everything in our assets folder is fine to use. The pics of staff may be up to the staff members, I cannot see anyone complain but we did not ask for copyright on those pics from the staff. We could do that, perhaps @victoria could do a check next week though?


Sooner or later you will receive a letter from some photo collection bank with an invoice to pay lot of money for all those photos. I had a web where people could upload images. I end up with such letter. I am almost 100% sure all those photos are copyrighted by some photobank. It does not matter where on Internet he downloaded them, what matters is who is the author and how he licenced them. I personally would stop this activity and delete all of them from forum. Those photobanks have very advanced technology to find even heavily modified images anywhere where google has access. Google image search is their first tool they use with their stolen images detection software.


That’s a good point. Best to source non-copyrighted images from or similar. Stockup is a site that indexes a lot of free images.


Howdy Folks,

I have started doing image searches on some of these and found many of them on Wallpaper sites and with and without attribution; such as “unknown author”. I am pretty sure the ‘unknown’ author ones are safe, from what I have read, but I would like some sort of determination from official people to see what they want to do about these.

I am proud of these creations but I don’t want MaidSafe to run afoul of any copyright issues.


Dude, chill out, this one for example: Desktop Wallpapers
is part of this Freebie collection: so your “100%” is pure rubbish!


I’ve just checked 5 at random on and they all look to be copyright-free so far … phew