Desktop Wallpapers



You’re welcome, I am glad you and others like them so much.

And on a side note, there are now over 100 comments in this thread, WOW!


I just downloaded that last one @SalvorinFex and set it as my desktop wallpaper, it’s a very nice one, I wished I could create those type of things myself. Thanks a lot!


Great, time for show and tell.


This one comes in 2 logo colors, mainly because I couldn’t decide which one looks better.


my old work. just replaced logo and color


Good one, thanks for the contribution.


Definitely white! Higher contrast is better. Great work :slight_smile:



That one will end up at my phone =D

Ps: would it be possible to shift down the safe network a little bit?



Looks perfect now!


Great, glad it works well for you!








Just saw this article after following @SarahPentland on Medium, quite a surprise to see my Wallpaper being used.

Thanks Sarah!! Looks Awesome if I do say so myself :wink:


This was @dugcampbell actually. There are so nice we have been talking about them a lot here