Desktop Wallpapers



Just trying to get my creative juices going to make something useful for folks.


Yeah keep em coming. They’re great.


Thanks man, I appreciate that.


The Dock and Northern Lights (either option) are probably my favorite two, although I do appreciate all of them!


Thanks @5am, Do you have any thoughts on new ones that i can try my hand at?


Maybe pics with the MaidSafe team members


Nice wallpapers. I will use my computer.


@whiteoutmashups is there a resource for those photos?


Love the wallpapers. I want more, mobile friendly maybe :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey thanks for that, I hadn’t even thought of mobile ones :confused:
What resolutions are those now days?
I can do some of the favorites in those, shouldn’t be that big of a deal.


Greetings Everyone, These are some early tests of Mobile Phone wallpapers, as per @z00mb1e 's suggestion.



@SalvorinFex fantastic! Sorry for a late reply, my screen resolution is 1080x1920.
Now I can show SafeNet logo on my laptop and my phone :smile:


Very simple phone (1440 x 2560) option.


And the same simple option in landscape/desktop (2560x1600).


Nice ones @dwg74 clean and attractive.


Just did a fresh install of lubuntu, first thing on the todo list - change to this badboy. Thanks @SalvorinFex, I love what you’re doing here!


Very Cool, thanks for your support.


@z00mb1e Here is one that is close to your requested resolution.


Nice and relaxing one to take us into the weekend :wink:


Thanks for the many nice looking wallpapers, pc and phone background now looks beautifull every day!