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OH Alright, I have not tried Inkscape yet, I will install it and take a look.


Here is a clean inkscape svg extracted from the style-guide pdf. You can independently modify
the fill and stroke/outline colors and line weight. As a default I made everything black and set the line thickness to zero.



Thank you @jlpell, I hope this helps.



I can’t seem to find/match the fonts used in the stock logo svg either, so I just rebuilt it using Work Sans and Roboto Light from the google font repository. It also seemed like the nodes logo was misaligned in a few places so I fixed that too. If someone knows where the original fonts are, please share the location, however there are a bunch of others besides the unknown original and Work Sans that look good too… Roboto Light was close enough for me for “Network”, and it is in the style guide.


The standard fonts can be tweaked with added stroke outlines and smoothing in various ways to make it look more like the original.
For some reason Firefox doesn’t render the svg the same way as inkscape does on my computer. This is a png of what I’m seeing offline.


CC BY-SA 4.0


New one from a suggestion by @riddim, in 2 versions.

Version a.


Version b.


Haha - a combination of Northern lights and ‘to the moon’ :joy::ok_hand: I didn’t think of that but it’s superb! XD




hmmm - maybe with a smaller S this looks more like a moon-coin and even better :thinking:


How about, like this one?


New version with a darker SafeCoin icon



Really clean and sharp looking. I like it!!


This one takes the cake for me





You’re a wallpaper machine @SalvorinFex !