Desktop Wallpapers



Amazing thank you, I’ll definitely use it once I become a user. Now I am just a newbie to the forum.


Welcome Aboard! You can use it whenever you want, you don’t need to wait :slight_smile:


Nice images. If you have access to 3D tools or something similar then a real fun variation would be just the nodes logo in silver flying above the clouds at an angle and reflecting some highlights like a silver UFO/flying saucer. Then stick SAFE Network somewhere in small letters at the bottom right or left corner. You might also want to put a note somewhere in the posts about copyright/licensing if you want these to be shared widely.


Thanks. I guess I am being pedantic. I only claim/advertise things I actually believe in and use. But I really love your work. Thanks for doing this.


I haven’t used any 3D imaging software before, but I will look into it.

Also updated my Original post with the Licensing for my creations.


Hey @nicklambert The “Network” font doesn’t seem to be Roboto, my lowercase "k"s don’t look the same when I use Roboto Thin. Do you know which font is used for that?


Random Community Artwork

Hi Kurt, yes it must be a stylised font in the logo itself. Let me see if I can find out, maybe @Shona will be able to help.


OKay thanks @nicklambert. @Shona any ideas for me?


Hi everyone,

While I am getting a bigger hard drive setup with Linux, does anyone have any ideas for some more wallpapers?


Hi @SalvorinFex, I’ve a had a look and it doesn’t match with any of the fonts I have here either. What were you needing it for?


Hi, I am trying to match the word, “Network” in my wallpapers to the official logo with the odd letter, “k” in it.
If you look back at the first Blue and Red flames wallpaper, it uses the official logo and the last Blue and Orange flames uses the closest one I could find. However, the letter, "k"s don’t look the same.


No worries, can’t you just use the vector of the logo rather than a font?


Well, that works most of the time, but I had some requests to alter the color of the color of some of the fonts, and I am not familiar enough with SVG files to be able to change colors of those. I am just using GIMP and recreating the logo, in that.


Wow these are beautiful! Can’t believe I missed this thread. New wall paper for me :smile:


Can I get you the logo in a preferred format?


I have PNGs of the various logos, I just need to be able to alter the colors of the font.


Thanks @Nigel, I appreciate that.



You should be able to do what you want with the stock images from MaidSafe if you use Inkscape.
If I recall, it pulls the font in as a fill area or stroke so you can change the color.
Inkscape and Gimp complement eachother well.