Designing SAFE/Solid Social Networks



Super buggy prototype. Managed to get signed up (using Brave).
webID m3

Having issues with firefox and chrome as well. Will do my best to engage in the Gitter and log some of the issues I’m having :slight_smile:

Thanks again @happybeing for being the driving force behind this, really excited to see momentum build on this integration with SOLID and RDF.

Have an social app concept (habits and behavioural change area) I would like to work on over the coming months/years with a friend @grimbonious - I’ll aim to get some of it fleshed out soon and discuss with the community about how we can start working with the SAFE libraries.


We are yet to define how RDF is expected to work in the SAFE Network. As you rightly pointed out we have to evaluate the strength and limitations of which ever approach we take. We will be refining our ideas and we will share the proposals in brief as we push forward. Would be great to get everyone’s opinion on this at the earliest.

Personally, I would like to see RDF triples to be treated as first class objects. However, we never know what we can do until we think it through and analyse in all angles.


I introduced myself here:
That’s SOLID’s only forum and it’s pretty dead, but maybe it’s still worth signing up.


There is now a Solid forum on Discourse

You all know what to do … :smiley:


Today I hear in one of the famous pop radio in our country introduction about Sir Tim Barton Lee what he did and on what he is working now.
His name and project will be better known to masses and if we will collaborate with them, they will known also SAFEnetwork.