Deposit bitcoin to buy maid

My father in law just learned about Maidsafe and would like to buy some maidsafecoin.

As i’m seeing much trouble using bittrex, is it still possible/safe to transfer bitcoin to a bittrex wallet and exchange them for Maidsafecoin?

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I did the same last night. No problems buying MAID, you just can’t withdraw it during “wallet maintenance”.

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Thats the aswer im looking for, thanks!

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You can use poloniex exchange to buy some Maidsafe tokens. You have to have BTC, ETh other Crypto that can be traded for Maid coins. You can also use USTD via poloniex exchange.

hope it helps

All i need now is some middleman(don’t want to offend somebody😂) to take EUR to btc, to transfer to Maid