Demonsaw developer has lost his job at rockstar. Can we show some love?



The last computer game I played was Space Invaders but I see you clearly have a lot of technical talent as well as having an enlightened and honourable position in the political arena that SAFE hopes to have an impact on - so welcome!



Don’t be afraid to peruse, ask questions, and comment. I’m at least hoping you’re reading up on SAFE. I IMHO believe technologies like yours and this are at the forefront of the information and communications revolution. I really do hope that both projects look at each others work thoroughly. :wink:



the ERA of the creative is rising

keep slayin+


Hi just read your post >> I am artist based in the highlands of Scotland and host LIFE IS PEOPLE podcast [check out the podcast section on forum for more] LIFE IS PEOPLE podcast is an open forum to spread the word of SAFEnetwork also building n99 >>An APP on the SAFEnetwork where content providers are rewarded in safecoin for the material they create. n99 is peer to peer replacing the dependency of current server based systems removing the central points of failure
n99 is crypto secured freedom privacy and secure access for everyone n99 is a safe network where content providers can distribute personal private or public data the choice is yours
n99 is autonomous a network with no points of central control no more middle men no more gatekeepers n99 the freedom to unleash human potential
n99 is A portal to the Safe Network providing channels for users to navigate, tools for content providers to create content, collaborate and customise their user interface. In return, n99 will provide access to surplus resources for use by the Safe Network and re-distribute recompense received in SafeCoin within n99. A common wealth of human knowledge where creative people can collaborate share ideas where creative people are rewarded for the creations they generate. a network where you can shape evolution of the internet

building n99 with Infinity Algorithms>> @dallyshalla << @optictopic et al we are open value network you’d would be welcome :slight_smile:

here is n99 non tech white paper >>­technical-white-paper/

these are the greatest days to be living in the ERA of the creative is rising




Welcome to the forum, it seems you have very similar vision wrt privacy as we have. Be very good to get your input as we move forward and hopefully there is synergy enough to do something even more collaborative. Lets get talking and see what happens. If you get a chance to look deeper at the SAFE proposition and codebase then a conversation in person would certainly be worthwhile. I suspect an avalanche of people will start to get involved, with or without maidsafe, but we are here anyway for now and as a company we are very keen on helping the network to become a reality, however it’s done. So welcome !!


@Eijah welcome to our lively and passionate forum. If not already, you will soon be aware of the similarities between Demonsaw and SAFENetwork, and how all here share the concerns and aims you’ve outlined in your intro.

Please consider posting a copy to the Introduce yourself thread.

Props to @Tonda for hooking you up with us. I expect we can help each others’ projects and begin to make a difference…

SAFE = Secure Access For Everyone!


Welcome to the forum @eijah ! I can only reiterate @dirvine s words. Good to have you around and we’re always open for a discussion.


Welcome to the forum @eijah, as others have said, if you are looking for friends, allies and like minded individuals you have come to the right place!

I enjoyed learning more about Demonsaw, hopefully we will find ways to work together moving forward and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with our progress as we commence with the roll out of the SAFE Network.


Two powerhouses in their own right join together to fight oppression. Do I see the early beginnings of the first true global justice league? Find out on the next episode of Maidsafe! (cue cheerful but rockerish music) —cue the music ‘with every step we move on up’ ceiling demons a band who have carried the SAFEnetwork torch for over a year >> >>with every step connections are forged >>in generations to come people will ask what was the world like before the SAFEnetwork :slight_smile:

there is a future in creating no more starving artists musicians authors comedians film makers etc the era of the creative is rising


Most welcome eijah, can’t wait to see what this collaboration will bring! Hope you will stick around forever, and then some. :slight_smile:


Looks like I’ll be joining an upcoming podcast in the next 1-2 weeks as well. :smiley:


I’ve always wanted to be a super hero. My secret weapon: C++ :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love that - thank you!


I appreciate that - cheers!


Hey man, thank you for contributing into privacy, and user freedom. It is critical part of humanity progress. We are in a really deep hole it seems hard to get out of. But with more and more intelligent people like you joining the cause, we can get out of this hole at a much faster pace.


Be glad to help out - always a pleasure.


I’ve always wanted to be a super hero. My secret weapon: C++
^^moment by moment ANTS converge a new SAFE decentralized world is being built these are the greatest days to be living in the ERA of the creative is rising
universal forces shape - nature - knows no boundaries


SAFE Network did a mjor overhaul from C++ to Rust. Some months ago.


Welcome to the SAFE Network forum @eijah ! That’s phenomenal that you built demonsaw! I’ll def have to test it out.

As for me, I’m not quite ready to come out of my anonymous closet so to speak, not that there’s anything wrong with that. :wink:

Anyway, I also wanted to point out that John McAfee’s recent AMA was awesome, much more engaging than his Ashley Madison analysis, and probably resonates with most forum members here, so wanted to share.


Addressing the elephant in the room.

Eijah, In the interest of faster progress towards a complete network launch of SAFE, will you lend us your strength (coding weapons) and jump into building with the team any time soon? Will you reach out to another labor of love? As you probably know by now, many talented developers have devoted their efforts to this end. I believe your abilities will impart great progress onto the project if only provided for a few months. This I think would allow greater integration into the team and afford you new warriors for your own project. As some say, one hand washes the other. It is certainly true among those in this community. Now that you have graced us, can we count on your support? I know this seems pressuring, but I know you to be strait forward. Disrespectful to you would it be if I beat around the bush. You’re needed here. Don’t worry, our home is cushy. It was improved by dirvine intervention. :smile:… No? Still nothing? :pensive: