"Demonically Clever" Hardware Backdoor

Maybe we should pack up and go home…

…silicon backdoor is invisible not only to the computer’s software, but
even to the chip’s designer, who has no idea that it was added by the
chip’s manufacturer, likely in some farflung Chinese factory. And that
it’s a single component hidden among hundreds of millions or billions.
And that each one of those components is less than a thousandth of the
width of a human hair.


It really is getting insane, oh to get the cash and sort some of this stuff. Surely there must be enough willing folks when we get up and running and hopefully with resources, really want and need to take this stuff on.

Good must prevail, it just must.


Thing is, what could such a “backdoor” allow global attackers to do that they can’t do now, vis a vis SAFEnet? If they can’t decrypt chunks in the store, then they’re no better off than if they surveill everyone in order to detect forbidden activity at the source.

Good will prevail, if only because some of us are good in wicked ways. :slight_smile:


I believe it is meant to scare us, to be a self-fulfilling prophecy: to make people believe that there there is no escape so they cease to try.