Demo APP UI Revisements RFC

I honeslty wasn’t sure how to phrase this but yes I think some serious revisements need to be done to the Demo App UI. Specifically regarding public data. One should be able to manage public data much like private data and shouldn’t be reliant on the default bulk folder upload process or the template site (which also needs work). If ANY data is uploaded it should be available to the user to manipulate. That means one should never have to see an error saying that a folder exists when one can’t access the public data one apparantly is responsible for. Alternatively if an upload fails/is disconnected/closed before it reaches 100% then there should be a mechanism to wipe all files that have been uploaded. Also one should have a mechanism for manually handling one’s domain names just like one should be able to manually control and manipulate one’s files. I find that the demo app is far to reliant on “user friendly” automation and this leads to a lot of bugs. While having user friendly options is great I’d rather also have an option to take full control of my data if need be.

Again forgive me if the placement or formatting of this topic is in error but I do believe this is something that is sorely needed to be addressed.

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