Demo App and Launcher UI improvement suggestions

These aren’t bugs but these are things I’m noting about the demo app that could be improved.

  • State clearly the minimum length of a password during account creation. It’s stated that one needs at least 6 characters for a password when one logs in but not when one is actually creating one’s password. (Launcher)
  • Add an advanced file browser and upload options to the demo app similar to that of say Filezilla (which is also open source. Perhaps fork some code and save some work?) Uploading a folder or single file is one thing but when you’re doing serious web development you’re often updating multiple files within a folder at once so you don’t always want to upload an entire folder, just multiple files within that folder. And it gets tedious and time consuming to upload each file one by one instead of having a UI to upload multiple files at once.
  • When uploading a replacement file or folder currently you need to delete the existing file or folder in order to upload the new one. Why not impliment a system to skip duplicate files and prompt the user if a file has changed “These files have the same name. Rename and add or replace?” Or something like that.
  • When downloading a file have the app ask where and with what a file is to be opened. It is not to be assumed that by downloading an html file that that means “open this file in a web browser”. Remember SAFE might be the internet 2.0 but it’s ALSO file storage. So if I’m a web developer and want to utilize it for it’s FILE STORAGE capabilities so I can download an html file to my hard drive so I can edit it so it can be THEN uploaded and viewed on the SAFE network as a web page I need to have a function that gives me BOTH options. Come to think of it you could even have a little switch or radio button thingy in the app. One for launching files in the default applications and the other for directly downloading files to one’s hard drive. So if one wants to use SAFE as a browser one sets the app to launch mode and if one wants to use the app as file storage one sets the app to storage mode. Or something like that. Later one might add different modes to the app but those are the two main functions I can think of for now.

@Ross you can forward this to whoever might need it.


Agreed. Made similar suggestions in the CS jira.

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Also I’ve noticed that passwords can ONLY be alphanumeric. Adding symbols and other characters can greatly improve password strength. I mean yeah SAFE is quantum computer reistant on it’s own but that’s not really the point.

I thought this was already fixed on all platforms? I remember Scott stating this in jira. Or was it a dream? I’m unsure. Damn mescaline!!! Sepetuda bempanshit!!! :grimacing: :sweat:

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Dropbox made a tool that checks passwords: (demo); it’s JavaScript, but there are 3rd party implementations as well, e.g. in PHP, Ruby, Go. It shouldn’t be hard to port it to Rust.

It tries to break down your lousy attempt to the simplest way it would be cracked (e.g. number + dictionary word + symbol) and adds up the bits to compute the total entropy. It’s pretty sweet because it spots weak passwords that look strong, and allows strong passwords that look weak.

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Hey I love my
PIN: 1234
user: username
pass: username

easy to remember :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Maybe on later versions. But for testing I couldn’t be stuffed to try and have secure passwords like I do for real things.

Maybe for the test systems we can use the password checking and just warn and not force. Hey you can set similar up within windows domains (profiles) to enforce secure passwords of domain accounts.


I have made the front-end team aware of this thread.