Delete me

The first one I get. That’s when there’s not enough data on the network, a safety guard against sybil attacks, and you need to retry later.

~ # safe node join
~ # cat /root/.safe/node/local-node/sn_node.log
[sn_node] INFO 2021-04-13T10:55:18.014731066+00:00 [src/bin/] 

Running sn_node v0.35.5
[sn_node] ERROR 2021-04-13T10:55:18.338546196+00:00 [src/bin/] Cannot start node due to error: Routing(TryJoinLater)

This next one I don’t understand.

$ safe files ls safe://hyryyry6mw7uiufjbwxapfht8fdy3p89jxyrq7iiem9fx8h8xmwr1s1bm9wnra
Error: Failed to connect: ConnectionError: Failed to connect to the SAFE Network: QuicP2p(UnresolvedPublicIp)

Next up. InsufficientBalance.
I thought were not at this stage yet.
Can anyone hand me a safenet token?

$ safe files put ~/sur/Bòȥxr/ --recursive
Error: NetDataError: Failed to PUT Public Blob: Transfer(InsufficientBalance)

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