Delays lead to a return to IPO price (MaidSafeCoin discussion)

I have no experience coding but over 30 years’ experience running my own companies and the ups and downs of dealing with issues and employees. I know of no other company that has been as truthful, honest and open as MaidSafe. David has always worked 110% in the interest of all and deserves nothing more than our utmost respect and admiration. Having arbitrary expectations and imposing self- serving deadlines on the people who are actually doing the work is insane. What David and his team are doing has never been done before so it will take the time it takes and we should all be grateful for all the efforts being made. History will surely mark this period as one of the greatest empowering feats of this century. Something that cannot be accomplished within a defined time period.


It doesn’t really matter, it’s not like MaidSafe will have to sell anything to customers. They’re building a distributed autonomous content network that they ultimately won’t have any control over. They can afford to speak their minds freely. I mean, just look for example at the language of Linus Torvalds, everyone here is an angel compared to him, and he’s the man behind freakin Linux.

I’m a big believer in free speech, not only in law, but also in practice. If David or anyone else from MaidSafe thinks someone is just trolling and trying to damage the project somehow, they should be able to just say so in plain words. I respect that a lot more than deceptive PR speech.


You guys know why trolls FUD in the first place? Because they want your coins, cheap!

Same fud and hype cycle with the sole intent to buy low and sell high is in all shitcoins and altcoins.Too bad this isn’t your regular pump and dump, chaps :slight_smile: .
The toughest situation is when they use existing facts to support the arguments ,of course without giving a damn when redirected by the helpful community to the relevant resources and answers. God have mercy on those who believe and follow them.

Each one of us is accountable for their own decision, but having such an amazing community here should help even the poorest of us making the right call. @dirvine is always present although he has other more pressing tasks on his head and I couldn’t even imagine someone coming here and bashing the project and the leader without reading through his posts and seeing his helpful, supportive and humble personality. I’ve only respect for this guy and what he tries to realize.

@dirvine: about deadlines: I hope you guys have Testnet 3 by December 2015. If not, December 2016 will do it too…no pressure :smile:
About maidsafecoin price: Who the f**k cares about it now???

Seriously prophetx and jim lowry, you’ve had you’re arguments and questions which have received answers, on a neutral tone. Any continuation from you on this line just means you’re here to troll and FUD and should be banned.

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There is about plenty of motivational information that you and your team can educate yourselves for the remainder of time.

BTW, since you are so concerned with the coin price, how about you quit and just go enjoy life while you are ahead, or the market might tank to zero if someone decided to ruin your party. You can choose to be friends with the coolest guys… or not.

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Exactly, when folks wonder what a dev is up to they can easily look at people who are working on these projects and see individual effort, it can be enlightening. It’s easy to do, just to see activity This speaks much more than any PR company ever can. [ just replace dirvine with any other name to see individual effort, not a brilliant measure, but a measure never the less ]


@prophetx @lowry_jim

Small, Medium or Large?


Where can I get one of these?

It’s not a real shirt (gimp)…just my knee jerk reaction (after telling friends about their website) to those who, rather than staying steady at the task in an attempt to build the tallest building in town, instead, go around with blow torches trying to burn down everyone else’s building.

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I too didn’t understand why the roadmap wasn’t being updated for weeks, feeling a little let down since I’d only recently learned about it. But then I looked around. And saw that there are weekly dev updates, with considerable headway being made. I even caught the fact that they’re deliberately not touching that version of the timeline. I catch a few inconsistencies with what some of the developers say even later, but I still keep it to myself. The whole original post here just appears to be venting. “Dev team has been very skittish about giving any kind of development timeline with dates and TARGETS.” Well, yeah. I guess it would be nice. But I heard Paige say April in some video, they’re shooting for, Testnet3 I’m assuming… although, IIRC I think some TN3 elements are already being worked on. It’s a big overhaul right now, and massively deserving of respect – instead of venting, or coming in with standard business mindsets (when this aims to shatter a million of them). I’m getting a bit abstract or rather vague, so I’m done!


the paradox between investor and software developer is as same as the one between software developer and software tester. To some degree, I was also worried about whether Safe project would be launched or not. I do best wish for the Safe project and hope badly it can be successful. However, as a speculator or a investor (IMO both are the same), I should be more rational. Yes, I totally agree with @dallyshalla. For speculating, I already almost have sold out all my holding Maidsafe. For the ideal freedom and liberty, I will be farming as hard as I can when it launches.


We had a discussion about amending the roadmap, as it does not communicate the level of activity and progress currently being made, but decided to leave it as is for a couple of weeks. We have made some considerable changes (very much for the better) and will let these bed-in before making changes. We do appreciate that the roadmap is an important communication tool and we will amend it shortly, but keep reverting to the dev updates for the next couple of weeks.

Regards the comments about hiring a PR person. I couldn’t agree with @dirvine and others more. I would far rather than we give open and honest answers and call people out when they are being condescending and disingenuous rather than submitting a canned PR response.


I really don’t think you should worry about the roadmap too much, there are more important issues for now. My guess is that this project will get a lot more traction once testnet3 is launched and therefore the website should reflect the current status more accurately, but you already know that, don’t you? :wink:

The situation is not ideal, but also not a dealbreaker, so I’d say don’t worry about that for now.


Obligatory watching for such thoughts :smile:


Always bashing marketing @dirvine, shame on you :slight_smile:


Damnit, I can’t find the video of Frankie Boyle asking the stockbroker if he ever thought buying a gun and blowing his own ******* head off. Would fit right into this theme. Although I have to say we just switched roles a bit david, I should’ve been the one posting the video of Bill Hicks while you talk about the most evil Scotsman there probably is :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we should just communicate with these guys musically from now on …: :smiley:


Do the developers and project managers have some kind of incentive for delivering faster?
E.g. a bonus if Testnet3 is out by September 2015?

Probably sleep and praise :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, the best thing we could do is remove pressure and I have tried very hard to do so, now I have put on pressure by changing processes which is hard. In terms of bonuses etc. then II follow this field of study really, it’s eye opening, worth a watch


I want this out so bad especially for the coming US election but bonuses especially for project managers sounds like such utter bullshit. What are they going to do? Crack the whip on equally skilled people in an organization that has tried to flatten everything as much as possible?

My countrymen have become so weak. They seem to have no values and think every one is a prostitute that can be bought, and actually have snide contempt for those that aren’t. I long for the day when people like Romney are fugitives instead of running for President. The proper release date for SAFE is some point before its too late for the world but not one second before it meets MaidSafe’s standards.

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