Definition of standards for the metadata

Hi everybody

I found into this documentation that there is a 64kb MetaData associated to a data.

That’s great and can be usefull for many purpose
like the size of the data, the mimetype, a safecoin wallet address for donations, some keywords for a search engine, the public ID of the creator for sending him feedbacks, some other data address related to this one, a comment thread id, …

If this is really the purpose of this metadata (maybe it’s used for something else ?), I was wondering if there is any format defined for this ?
a Json format, with a list of key <-> value data ?
And is there any list of Maidsafe specific mimetype like maidsafe/profile maidsafe/directory maidsafe/wallet, maidsafe/html_application maidsafe/comment … with their associated data format definition

if nothing is defined yet, this is something developers are going to need to make inter-compatible apps, and to accelerate developments too with many pre-defined data format.

And one last question, as there’s is going to be lots of text data stored, is there any fast compression before making chunks and encrypt them, to save lots of space on text data and metadata ?

Cheers !


Yes :smiley:


There is no specified format, it is completely user (application) defined. And I’ve updated the documents, its actually 64 KiB for those interested.