Decorum off topic talk

Several replies in the Decorum Crowdsale topic went off talking other projects. I’ll move them over here.

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This is very toxic community. Very ‘trolly’ how to put correctly. A big pity for people who are caught in a web here when so many good project happen in the world. I think I lose lot of time reading so long. Will wait if any PM comes.

It really isn’t at all. I notice you’ve only been here since January, so if 3 months is too long for you I suggest you go find a P&D to invest in, I’m sure you’ll fit right in there.

This community is the least ‘trolly’ I have come across in crypto… by quite some margin. You are the first troll I’ve seen for a while.

It’s pretty obvious you don’t have anything legitimate to say. Do you have a technical criticism, or are you just impatient and lost money because you sold?

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I make money because I sell

It so much strange because the Decorum have as much money as Maidsafe. I just shake my head there is nothing to understand from this. I read all the time over years because I a member of bitcointalk long time and invest in maidsafe idea and I was holding for long time until i read analysis in othe thred. There is good reasons to leave investment behind and take away money from table. This makes a good trader. I am interesting here this thred because people have discussion for safex and I am interested to buy if people want to sell to me.

@marko If you want to buy safex coins, there are exchanges that can faciliate that.

But you don’t want to buy do u, ur here create a falls impression of demand, “pumping” a failing coin, attempting to digg urself out of the hole u find urself in. GL :wink:

May I suggest, if u do exit, that u put a few coins into decorum and join us on our trip to the moon.


Does not make sense either because the previous comments is the man want buy decorum from the person not on exchange. I make assumption people want to trade not on exchange or for some reason. Actually safex price increase and I believe because they can make separation from dependency this is why the people vote for it. There is good future of safex I only comment like jabba comment to offer to buy. I also stand in to offer to buy if people can not use exchange or smth.

I already make my money back from decorum that is good thank you.

It was already obvious that you don’t know what your talking about, but this is a bizarre thing to think, even for you?! You invested at the 2014 ico and have followed the project since and this is your opinion???

Maidsafe was valued at over £30M as a 10 year old company on BttF with near 20 staff, several million in liquid assets, an office etc. Decorum raised $400k in a crowdsale last year and has not launched v1 yet. So far it’s just been Harmen designing and doing what he can (on his own presumably) while he waits for alpha 3 so he can launch it.

You have some weird ideas.

Tbh though I’m very glad you sold. I’ll leave you to your fate. Since you’re not invested and don’t have any questions you can only really be trolling now. There’s no other reason to keep posting. You’ve said you have no interest in the project and you have added nothing to it, only tried to leech from it. You failed and you’re bitter. Hopefully the mods can just boot you.

I offered a genuine buy to someone who had said they wanted to sell. You are asking a community that hold none of the asset you’re asking for (none of us are that daft) in an attempt to create interest in a coin we all know has failed… voting lol, all 5 votes eh ;). We all sold long before any votes appeared, after being duped into believing they would build a SAFE platform worth having and getting a load of investment for that idea.

My offer also genuine, it stand if someone want to sell me big quantity safex please contact me. I am very happy with my profits so far from everything.

You’re asking in the wrong place, ask on their forums. The two projects are not linked in any way, unlike decorum and SAFE.

There’s only 25 btc of buy orders for safex, my prediction is that never exceeds 40btc. I’d guess many of those orders are just bots trading the spread and people who haven’t kept up with the scene and realised it is no longer a SAFE project despite the name.

I wish I still had some to sell you but I sold them all when he said he wasn’t working on safe any more, you know when it dropped from 400 sats to 20 sats in a few days.

Now you’re talking about 44 sats as if they’re on to something good lol. It is worth 5 factors less in fiat than it was when we all thought he was building on SAFE. The market isn’t as stupid as you think.

GL! :laughing:

FYI, this is what a chart looks like when a project had potential, and then fell off a cliff and died. This is called a flatline! Beeeeeeeeeeep :wink:

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And this is what a brand new project looks like just before it starts to break out with a v1 release


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I follow everything thinking now they can not be lost because of delay. I speak on safex not on decorum. When I see you chart it seem very nice potential but I think you and I already win a lot from this coin. In a future I still there is still good for safex that is why I buy when prize is lowest and they keep development. I am only looking if people wanting sell me more coins. In case people forget to sell already like you feel and say.

I made a small loss on safex, no profit. Can’t you tell from how bitter I am :wink:

Mind you, I’m not interested in taking profit. Not for a long long time anyway. I’m invested emotionally, financially and spiritually in everything SAFE. I am a fanboy because I see something the world desperately needs and nothing else comes close to solving as many problems with as many profound implications as SAFE. I think it might just be the most important project being worked on today because of how far the implications stretch.

I defend the project because it stands for something and I want to stand for the same things.

I believe the project will be a huge success, so I’m invested, but I don’t care what the prices are in the short term, I only care that we reach the goal David set with little or no compromise to the features we expect. The value comes from that success, I don’t care about short term trades apart from if they might earn me some more MAID - which I can also reinvest to support SAFE Apps etc :wink:

If you want to make huge profits in the next 4-6 weeks then you might well be in the wrong place. But please don’t go hating on this project and attacking it just because it doesn’t suit your goals. SAFEX scammed the users on this forum out of $50k in startup and a lot more over the following months, then abandoned the project we invested in. Most of those of us who invested after the crowdsale lost money, and we lost it because we were lied to and Daniel just changed direction with no decent technical argument. We then sold it death and months later he voted with his remaining, tiny base of naive holders and ofc the three people that voted all voted for EXSAFE.

You do what you want bud, but given Daniel’s aggressive trolling and scammy behaviour I wouldn’t expect to get any love from anyone on here when you start praising that garbage and slating brilliant, honest and dedicated innovators and engineers like dirvine and harmen.

I apologise if I am aggressive with you, but really your pov sounds mental. SAFEX has nothing does it? What does it have? If you come here with some great achievement then this community would be praising him for that despite his crazy and unwarranted attacks on us. There is no achievement though is there? I’d strongly recommend you not buy in until you see one and test it out for yourself. There is currently no reason to think safex coins should hold any value. He is now not hampered by SAFE progress, but still no great reveal on any new innovations or tech. And SAFE is totally ready for app developers in alpha 3. If he still has nothing by then will you admit he was wrong to doubt SAFE and build “yet another fekin blockchain”? on his own. Will he?

I doubt it tbh


Either way, it will be nice to see more people sell now.

Okay, how about now? can you please now sell all you safex coins?

Prize is for the moon! It probably go down now!

Sounds like this user has some real trouble writing English. That wouldn’t be a problem if it was really true. On some other forum from another project his English is correct to the letter. No wonder he showed up on the mods radar. Trolled us and is now free to troll somewhere else :+1:.

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