Deconstructing Fear

If we say that all hatred is self hatred its something that can sometimes resonate with.

If we say that all fear is self fear- that’s a little harder to accept. We might say emotions are projective but is it that all fear is self fear or that we are afraid of ourselves?

We do have a concrete every day intuition about this although it might be slightly misleading. When we dream the elements of the dream sometimes scare us as in nightmares. But these are of our own creation it seems even if we think we find the seeds in the outside world. We might say that we fear the unknown but we don’t really have an idea about the unknown because the unknown is nested, We don’t know that we don’t know it, it trails off and becomes very vague, an apprehensiveness. Apparently there are some people who don’t seem to feel fear and some that don’t feel pain. And maybe some that don’t feel either or at best that its very attenuated. If we don’t fit that mold this again this points to us fearing elements of our self or our own make up or fit with an apparent reality. Any seeming deficiency would again not point back to a real fear of any seeming environment but of fear about our self and our self having a basic nature. So again fear is self fear or reflective.

We see this fear reflected in societal groups that share the same consensus reality 3rd Reich, KKK, GOP, 7th Day Adventism… The message/content is be fearful, react to that fear by being aggressive. The founder of Adventism and her husband for instance supposedly had obelisks as their head stones,int contenxt it would be like head stones in the shape of Swastikas. Its the same deficient fear based projection- I am not deficient, I am the majority or I am the consensus or in the consensus or other’s in the minority want to be like me. All fear is self fear. All hatred is self hatred. Drop your fear of yourself, drop your self hatred, replace it with self acceptance and wake up from the nightmare. Its not completely solipsistic.