Declare Your Independence w/David Irvine - 4/5/2017


Another update from Ernest Hancock of Freedom’s Phoenix. David jumps in at 1:56:37. Enjoy.


Best part is Mr Irvine mentioning Kurzweil.

Very glad to hear that I’m following the right minds :slight_smile:


Thanks Ernest and David.
This is the kind of interview that will get even non-technical people interested and excited about the possibilities.
And thanks to feinberg for posting.


Thanks for posting. It’s 1:16 for me, not 1:56 :slight_smile:


I think it’s 116 minutes which is the same as 1:56


Ah yes. duh! It’s very early in the morning for me…


I can barely listen to it, his screaming voice makes me cringe :frowning:


Nice! I love the website that Ernest mentions … It’ll be better when it’s on Safenet. I’ll be joining their forum for sure.


Does anyone know which operating system David was talking about (he couldn’t remember the name)? It seemed to be an OS which isn’t yet done, but which intends to overcome hardware problems and to use the SAFEnetwork for internet?..


Could it be genode?


Thanks ever so much - I’m looking into Genode now. I hadn’t come across it before.

edit: ooooh, Genode! I’ll be watching…


Ones that came to my mind were QubesOS and Subgraph.


I waited to hear him mention Kurzweil, but I must have missed it. What did he say?


it was about 3/4 in. quick mention. said “kurzweil gets it right here, because things are changing so rapidly these days, it is on an exponential curve” or something along those lines. I’ll try to find the timestamp for you.

It’s right after he and Ernie talk about the flying car Uber service in Dubai

#EDIT: found it --> 2:47:16