Decentralized Universe Standard Value Project


With the large number of fiat currecy and the large numbers of new crypto-currency, a measure of the value of a thing has no standards. This world needs to have a stable system to measure the value of a certain matter. This is UNIE project objectives, through open source, decentralization, blockchain based technologies by everyone together to define a unified measure standard of value. By defining “Individual survival time in one day to obtain the average consensus of value of food needed to define a unified value for the 1 unit named uniɇ”, and anchor the standdard value to any currency.

English name is Unity ɇ Value or Universe Value, referred uniɇ (or unie for simple input), the symbol is ɇ.

Open Source .
Anyone can participate.
Using in Any time, Anywhere


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I have thought about what a contract might look like with deflationary currency. For example, if we all adopted a deflationary currency, and one wanted to rent a retail location on a 10 year lease, this presents a challenge. It needs to be tied to something or the rent would effectively rise over time. Currently, we can tie to a national currency, but in the absence of that, there would need to be a baseline. maybe this could address it.


I think it just a UNIT for value , not a coin or currency now.