Decentralized storage

I know there is a lot of push for Dapps on SAFE network which is all great. However, pls also build tools in a way so that if any big Enterprise (IBM, Microsoft, Google) or anyone wants to just simply leverage the decentralized component of SAFEnetwork that they can easily do so - without having to download any Safebrowsers, etc etc. I see decentralized storage as a HUGE standalone use case of this network.

Also if there are any legal challenges to certain portion of the SAFEnetwork, based on privacy issues etc - the safe storage should still be able to run without any interference of other modules (SAFE browsers, etc). Users should be able to run nodes easily and conveniently and should not be dependent on any SAFE browser and other decentralized internet related components etc. Govt, enterprises (large and small), individuals etc - they all will benefit from decentralized storage as every one is worried about cyber security so this area will certainly prevail.

I just want to make sure that if there are any legal troubles that come up for the SAFENET and mission of maidsafe and certain entities do try to bring it down, folks can atleast benefit from and use the decentralized storage component of it until the “whole new internet” concept phases in and challenges are handled. Both aspects even though related should be developed in an independent module approach, if possible.

Again I may not be making any sense but still wanting to put in my 2 cents.