Decentralized Social Networks on the SAFEnetwork

Whilst scoping out the competition today, I came across this:

Blockstack is putting up $1M to fund the creation of decentralized social networks. Two thoughts:

1–I think some people in this community have discussed the idea of building something similar on the SAFEnetwork.

2–One of my concerns about Blockstack is that their marketing is incredibly well-funded. I’m wondering whether there might be ways to help support/fund developers who would like to build on the SAFEnetwork.


A new social network is definitely something the world needs.

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I’ve been trying to get in touch with the folks working on Project Decorum but no success. Based on their devcon talk it seems like the most promising social network system on SAFE right now but they haven’t been active on the forums so it’s hard to tell.


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Clearly, my hedgie friend (last time I checked he has 9 figures under management) and I have taken opposing positions on this. When it comes to Blockstack, seeing the SAFEnetwork win is slightly personal. :smirk:


Looks like Facebook is also getting interested in decentralized social networks

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I would say that Facebook is doing anything possible to buy themselves a new front painting after their recent PR disaster.
Every cool, tech sounding, trendy marketing key word that is floating around, they grab like a lifebuoy.
In the last 2 weeks, we saw them announcing ‘AI’ algorithms , ‘VR’ cordless headsets , now ‘CRYPTO’ currencies . I bet a round of beer that they pull out ‘KUBERNETES’ within 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for the OP, we definetely need a replacement for the current social platforms, in which user data stays local, out of reach of the platform publisher.
Given the tools that we have at hands, including a SOLID - Safe approach, it is just a matter of putting everything together. I don’t see a technical issue.

The major difficulty may be reaching momentum so that it is not just a Safe enthusiasts bubble. It seems to me that the current context , with a raising awareness of the concept of data ownership and privacy, is very favorable !


I agree. Once you start storing your data as Linked Data / RDF using LDP you have a social platform (SoLiD = Social Linked Data).

Example: you store your blog posts, tweets, photos etc on SAFE+Solid making them all accessible to any app providing you have given access to the person using the app. So me for example.

I can access those things - and I do so using an app of my choice, which might place them in a timeline along with the blogs, tweets and photos of my other friends (who have also granted me access). Bingo, we have a decentralised, secure social network. :slight_smile:


The dev is active on this forum in multiple topics. Here’s his last comment: Project Decorum - Crowdsale (Ended)
Maybe just post in one of those threads.

I use this search term to stay up-to-date with PDC:
Unfortunately they don’t do regular project updates nor marketing, but that’s also what makes them different. Seriously interesting project.

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