Decentralized Social Network Steemit Notes 1600% Community Growth

Decentralized social media platforms are gaining in popularity as of late. Steemit, a platform where users are paid to post and vote, has seen spectacular growth since launching. The overall community has increased by 1600%, indicating a high demand for platforms like these.


Steemit is built by the same scammers (dan and stan). Who used the BTS / AGS / every other summer announcement plot to rinse investors.

I’d be staying well clear.

Didnt they use a clique group to pre-mine all the ‘steems’ ?

As you have guessed, they rinsed me with BTS promises then jumped ship with our investor funds and many more investors to build steemit in the background. Just look at the demise in BTS.

You’ve been warned!


Could be a scam. But it has an interesting premise. I’m reading the white paper now, its definitely intriguing.

I have testing steemit. the site seems have cyber attack already and coins stolen from accounts.
The site goes down in maintenance I question if it getting DDOS attack… mmm whom knows?

They’ve already saved all accounts with more than 100$ into them so actually they did it pretty fast…

Graphene is pretty cool they only need in the future some solution to blockchain size because it will go through the roof if users keep coming and posts counting upwards exponential.

Maybe some sidechain solution to offload and keep the chains reasonable… I’ve seen NXT2.0 has childchains secured by the main chain which seems pretty awesome but @ bitshares they definitly find their own solutions because they always do great things …

Me too… I should have known better, the amount of marketing and hype was a warning… BitShares has potential but I’m sore from the experience and done with Stan maintaining his son is a god and can do no wrong… jumping from one idea to the next on the back of other people’s investment, is not honourable.

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I also noticed this but if they can find the coders etc willing to invest their time…
I currently have no stake in one of their projects but always followed it somewhat and I’m using the exchange somethimes of course…

I think the major point of the OP was there is a strong market to build decentralised social solutions for people. The SAFE community should follow these breakthroughs closely because it will allow us to catapult even faster out of the gates.


Do you have a link for that?

There are a few threads in the BTS forum discussing it.

I requested a link, with all due respect.

I wade through a lot of things regarding a few projects and at times think that it is easier if the ones making statements provide the backup rather than me trying to find the support.

I thank you in advance.

If you can’t, then that is cool too.

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Hi, I’ve tried to explain SAFE Network on Steemit blog platform.
What do you think about it?


Nice, I’ll upvote when I’m there… I believe there was also somebody else who did a post about maidsafe I saw yesterday orso… I’ll take a look at it little later.

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Neil Haran actually plugged the Safe Network in his intro post. He is a bitshares guy drumming up support for his next project (which, disclaimer, I think is worthy of support) but I was surprised to see his video. Worth a check…


I’ve just noticed this as it’s gone up 2000% in the last week or so! Someone ask my opinion on it, so I thought I better give it a closer look. Seems new coins get rewarded to how many upvotes you get on their social media platform. I’m not sure how this works under the hood, but I suppose if it does work it is a great way to get none techy / crypto people introduced to the crypto-currency world.

What do you guys think? I’d thought I’d ask as this would be an obvious app to be created on Maidsafe.

I’m more interested in the decentralised alternative Synereo. Steemit is a centralised website. It is interesting to see the kind of content that is popular on it though, so far mostly posts about Steemit and female travel bloggers. Synereo on the other hand is more like maidsafe, decentralised and will be a social network that rewards people for their content a bit like steemit.


@matt608, Steem is not centralized. All steem posts and account info is stored on the blockchain. The centralized steemit web site is just a front-end for reading and interacting with the blockchain. Already, there is an ios app created that independently works with the steem blockchain independent of steemit. So this proves that steem is decentralized as far reliance on a certain application goes. It’s debatable whether the 100 elected steem witnesses could form a cabal or be subject to takeover/attack, but the steemit web site is not the same as steem itself.

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What I’m wondering is could steem run on the SAFE network? And right now one requires Facebook or Reddit in order to join so I’m wondering if there could be a decentralized option, perhaps even intergrating the SAFE login API, for registration purposes.

Hopefully that will be Project Decorum.