Decentralized open source world government

CIA whistleblower Robert David Steele has talked about open source everything. I think that’s unrealistic if attempted as a quick solution to centralized secrecy and corruption.

However, it might be an excellent idea if it can be done gradually while preserving the existing centralized governments. This means that the decentralized government can start very small and then gradually grow organically in a trustless way. The word trustless might sound alarming but it means like in Bitcoin the removal of the need for centralized authorities and instead it’s the system itself that prevents attempts at tampering with the information.

In the decentralized government there would be no authorities or other powers able to manipulate, dominate or rule over the system. Instead, the decentralized government would grow through participation of everybody who wants to contribute. And even the algorithms governing the decentralized system would evolve on their own, such as with machine learning, and be safe from being tampered with.