Decentralized internet access

Is there any way the internet Service Providers can be cut off in their role as middlemen? Any technology being developed that would allow a person to connect directly to the web without having to rely on comcast or anything like that? Seems like it would be feasible to create a series of laser based communication between individuals or something to make going through a central hub unnecessary…

Lots of threads on this you can use the search bar at the top, general consensus is that it’s totally possible and inevitable eventually, meshnets kind of like you’re describing replacing ISPs pretty far down the line long term. Decentralizing the data / web services (SAFE) themselves needs to come first though :slight_smile:


10-4. I’ve bookmarked some topics that were relevant to this one for reading.

Could you share a list of your bookmarks?

Here is what I’ve gotten too today. There seems to be similar tech used among the HFT branches of wall street, although I’d be more interested in something much more simple (and affordable) that a normal person would be inclined to use. As @whiteoutmashups mentioned, this looks like stuff that will manifest further into the future.

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