Decentralized Identifiers: Everything you need to know about the next-gen web ID tech

This article contains a good summary of the recent W3C recommended Decentralised Identifier standard and the controversy around its publication.

One of the criticisms is that they don’t offer much because the identifier is only a pointer and the things you might want to use it to verify will remain centralised (such as your driving license).

I’m not sure we care much about that initially in SN but maintaining compatibility with the standard which uses a simple URL structure should be straightforward and could be useful. Especially if having them supported directly on SN offers advantages over other implementations.


I wonder if there can be developed a way for entities on SN to build a reputation score of sorts in a decentralized way.

That way before you do any type of transaction with another entity you can know or even have pre-set limits on those you perform certain transaction with.

Goes beyond just identity - but as SN will have an effective default identity - XOR address of entity - just thinking what the next level beyond that might be.

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It’s an interesting question. Off topic, but could be a separate discussion if anyone has ideas.

My first thoughts are I wonder what are Decorum’s plans? And then I wonder if there are better ways than a “score”. Maybe we need a different way of thinking about this depending on needs and use cases, and on the capabilities of a system on SN. I’ve no answers to those so won’t be starting a topic myself but it would be interesting if anyone wants to have a go.