Decentralized Health Science Blockchain

This is interesting - a combination of Ethereum and SAFE (Alpha presumably) for anonymised medical studies based on wearables data.

Is this the first real-world use case for SAFE? Medical research with its need for security and anonymity certainly seems like a good fit.

See also this thread


Now this is amazing stuff, I will certainly try and help such projects a lot more when we get through Beta. The world can benefit from this for sure.


Who is doing this - fascinating stuff!?

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The beauty of SAFE Network! Once it’s up, things like this just pop up and solve problems that have existed for far too long affecting far too many :0


Yeah, this is the beauty of the Network for sure! This video demonstrates the infinite potential of these technologies. Facilitation will promote interest and eventually participation. When folks start using their imagination like this gentleman did, watch out. This platform will explode with interest. This is a great teaser!


This is being worked on by James Littlejohn, Mark. He has previously hosted a couple of the SAFE London Meet ups.


I am James Littlejohn @aboynejames I am always looking for help. Cheers for the feedback. James


Seriously impressive work! Is it being used ‘in the field’ yet by medics or academics? What are your plans for it?


Hi James @aboynejames, that’s a stunning demo. Do you have any more background to that (such as a blog post) or maybe a post here would be good if it is something you’d like to tell people more about. I’m interested to know what your interest is, any hope or plans and so on. Great to see such a fantastic PoC :slight_smile: Is it something you’ve shown to health providers or others involved in this area? I’d be interested in what they made of it! As you may know there are others here very interested in that area.


My story in short mode. Before I knew of bitcion maidsafe etc I built a peer to peer text mining application then rolled that learning into the IofT wearable timing sensor on a raspbarry pi PtoP network in a swimming pool. etc. and then when I discovered bitcoin late 2012 it opened up my world to this space, I found maidsafe etc and I started on the blog probably reads betters and I have been talking to a range of academic, NHS and corporates/businesses in the medical / health space. Over the last few years I have looking to find others to help make this world real. I see it as an open source project. Once we have such a decentralised system in place there will be plenty of ways to make money (assuming money is still need then, I am post monetary ‘believer’. )


talking to a range of academics on specific projects around mental health, xrays etc. They are still learning about this whole decentralised tech but hope they will participate in test projects in 2017. James


Very inspiring!! You have our full support!! Stay in touch!! We have a Development discussion Forum also


Thanks James @aboynejames, for those links and other info. Your blog is excellent, such concise descriptions of visionary ideas (1 to 2 minute reads!) and yet very understandable. I’ve enjoyed reading and learning about these ideas, and shared some links.

As well as your own projects you’ve helped deepen my thinking about p2p, trust networks and decentralisation in general. Really great stuff that I will continue to follow and support where i can. Good luck!


@aboynejames if I understand correctly you use Ethereum for Identity services and SAFE just for storage.

My question is - can SAFE somehow be used for Identity also? Does anyone has an ide how this can be done?


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This is a great question I would like a definitive answer on as well but my initial impression is yes. On safe there are public IDs that beneath the hood are just public keys so you could be cryptographically assured of a particular identity. The thing with ethereum and Blockchain tech is they might be wanting this to be publicly visible/transparent and or time stamped. As for time stamping I’m not sure about on safe as there is no time but I’ve heard talk of using entropy as a measure of time instead but the transparency/public ledger part will be covered by Data Chains when that is implemented. Data chains will not require transparency but instead be an option. I’d love to see someone else’s qualified technical view on this as well


I understand smart contracts are a future feature for the SAFE protocol but as that is not here yet, I have used a private ethereum blockchain for the proof of concept demo. I am looking into Data Chains too.


Private Ethereum blockchain? A modified fork? Because Ethereum blockchain is public, but there is a ErisDB fork which adds permissions and privacy…

Why did you need Smart COntracts for identity and how is it implemented exactly with Smart Contracts?

This is just a demo, I could use the public ethereum blockchain. And yes, I could use Monax (eris) but they weren’t around when I started. I know some of the team there and I am using permissions in pretty much they way they set out here .