Decentralized fiat pegged token on safe network

I think stable coin (pegged token) is crucial part of any decentralized market success.
There are some blockchain based decentralized pegged coins , (Steem backed dollar, bitShares USD,…etc) with own various problems. I would like to know what would be your advice if I want to print (if possilbe) dollar token on safe network.

Nope, Trust is the crucial part.

Pegged Tokens try to leverage the trust already invested in something else, like $ or €.
However, the authorities that guard those valuables will not take kindly to private initiatives.
See: TheMerkle: Pegged Cryptocurrency

Pegging a cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency is possible. Someone with extremely deep Bitcoin Pockets might decide to become a market-maker for some other coin. Guaranteeing to defend some ‘Magic Treshold’ by buying up any sell-offers below this treshold and selling out to any buy-offers above it.

I guess, noone clever enough to gain so much Bitcoin will ever be willing to take such a tremendous risk. In the end the market can and will break anyone who takes such a position.

Bad Money drives out good money, anytime.


this is DECENTRALIZED dollar example. unlike TETHER, it doesn’t need any dollar reserve.
AND I got an idea to greatly improve its pegging safety. I R&D every DECENTRALIZED ( !!! NOT TETHER) USD pegged tokens and found much better way.

These are just to give you an idea

IMHO this is the best way to do it (maybe because it sounds so stupid simple :open_mouth:)

You might also want to look at, they’ll even launch on the Ethereum network soon.

Advice: Create a decentralized version of Tether
Instead of a company everybody with a bank account and money on it is backing the token. You only need an escrow so that people can exchange the token to fiat. People can make money by buying up the token when it’s low $0.90 and sell the token when it’s high $1.10 :stuck_out_tongue: It’s potentially a trillion dollar market. Fiat is a failed experiment that will only hurt people, so wonder first what a trillion dollars is worth.

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