Decentralization and Patreons for the future local SAFE communities

Hey friends,

to help with preparation of the decentralization for the future local SAFE communities and resources I remake the backup forum in a SAFE World Hub where each category is for a separate language:

My idea is when there is ready translation to search for a Patreon, who will have the control of separate domain and site for the specific language.

I believe that there are people in our community who can spend $ 5 a month on a website who simply do not have the time or knowledge to do so. And if there are people ready to do the work, there will be people ready to become Patreons :power:

Preferably Patreon is a person which in addition to $ 5/month will be ready to register a domain and hosting in his name, for maximum decentralization.

So what do you think about this idea?

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Personally, why we need various SAFE community?

Is there any “Internet community?”.

The community cant changes core things of SAFEnetwork, even maidsafe team after launching. Because community can change core things, it is not SAFE.

I think only dev based open source foundation is needed and that is most powerful.

Is there anything am I missing ?

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Do you own any part of the old internet, friend?

Corporations that own the Old Internet have a community and decide what to do with their users (slaves).

When humanity becomes the owner of the SAFE Network, there will be communities that will decide how to develop the network…

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Is TCP/IP protocol is developed or controlled by community ?

The service and App is accepted by market users but protocol is not that field.

I totally not agree about SAFE development is controlled or affected by general users.

Protocol and Application is not same. The blockchain people ruined this boarders.

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IDo you think a select group should decide for 8,000 million people on the planet?

I’m sure whether we help to create local communities or not, they will come spontaneously.

In the same way this community here exists precisely because we do not agree with what corporations choose for us in the old internet…

If we help, this will speed up the process, which will increase both users and create a good basis for building various hubs of programmers to compete with MadeSafe in development of the code for the network.


Well, you could compete with Linux and SAFE and Android. All is open source.

But the important factor for compete is extremely high knowledge about programming not community member or money.

And I stick to the most dedicated dev team. That is Maidsafe team.

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Friend, I love David and the team. :safelove: I think they are heroes for humanity.

So I think they deserve our help. The more people working on the SAFE Network, the more likely it is to succeed.

If we have only 1 group of programmers, this is one point of failure. Too much risk for something with the potential to reduce inequality between people …