Decentralised "autonomous" company


First has there been any topic about decentralised companies on this forum as i am interested in pursuing idea behind one? If not then hopefully we could exchange some ideas on the topic.

These are basic ideas and I tried to keep things simple. Any contributions and ideas are welcome. If some one wants to try these ideas in practise, feel free. These are not my ideas only and certainly not new ideas. (ie. DAC, DAO)

Company is created for people and all the aspects should reflect that. (Economical and promoting human machine work “relationships”.)

My idea was that the company it self would run under/with some sort of smart contract with shares (token, coins or real shares within blockchain or datachain) distributed equally to all workers and managers.

There would be elders that manage the specific sections of the company, be it location wise or product wise. These people would be most experienced from whom less experienced people can learn from. Goal would be so that company would not run out of competent people.

I imagine it functioning a bit similarly to safe networks validation system works (don’t remember the name just now). So teams can be small but precise.

Every elder has rights to participate in vote about company’s bigger decisions.

CEO and or board could possible be replaced with smart contract or AI with board from more experienced elders.

Shares could be sold when leaving the company and/or every 5. year working in the company.

Amount of shares one has would be calculated during the sale period simple dividing amount of share with amount of workers. Elders could have some bonus increase in shares based on their responsibilities, following proper work ethics, etc.

For every year that person stays at the company they get rights to sell shares back to company with 1% more than what the market price is at the moment. This hopefully encourages people to work for the company and sell shares to company, not to people wanting to increase their share amount exponentially.

Equity would also be paid increasingly for every year person has worked for the company.

Voting would happen within blockchain/datachain, available for peer review. Anonymous voting but still restricted only to 1 vote/worker.

All workers would have equal voting rights in smaller company decisions.

All workers have right to propose policies and methods that would be commented and/or reviewed by elders.

Company’s network would run from it own chain and voting, shares, data storage, tax info, etc would run on workers computer/laptops etc.

Possible high powered work could also be run from collective power from every computer available to company. (ie. Hadron cloud-style working)

Ideally some data and documents would be restricted from certain people but later on be available for peer review to prevent corruption, etc and promote positive work culture.

All ideas assume that company would be at least moderate size with enough diversity and in quite ideal environment. Goal would be to have rules that can not be circumvented nor used for personal gain and promote company growth. These require enough incentives for elders but not too much to stay fair across the workers. Maybe some salary min max amounts?

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Sorry for the late reply, but have you checked?

Yes found it just few days ago. Haven’t had time to chech it yet though.

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