Debian / Ubuntu packages, Is there anyone working on it? Project MaidSafe registed at

Hi there,

We haven’t discussed this in-house. I had anticipated just losing the “alpha” portion of the URL once we got to stable, but this may not be the preferred approach.



I want to help testing this! Specially to build packages and upload to
Ubuntu PPA too…

It is important to have “apt source maidsafe-sutff” available.


Is there a Debian/ubuntu package at the moment?

Just a clarification: FreedomBox not only “uses the official Debian repo” - it is Debian.

I will treat this thread as being about what I classify as “unofficial packaging” - i.e. packages compatible with Debian but not distributed by Debian itself.

(yeah, that can sometimes be confusing - e.g. packages done “officially by Maidsafe” is still in my vocabulary “unofficial packaging” except if Maidsafe collaborates directly with Debian and what they call “official” is binary identical to what is distributed by Debian itself).

For those interested in following the progress of “official packaging” I will post progress on that at Will Maidsafe be in Debian repositories? - #13 by jonas

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