Dear Maidsafe and SAFE net community, what can I do for you?

Just that.

What can I do for you?

I am not a developer but if I was i’d attempt to work on core or apps, but I can’t. So how can I help?

Can I help attract core devs or app builders, if so where do I point them to?

Is there something else I can do that assists Maidsafe and the SAFE network that is not too tech heavy?


Firstly, good on you. Secondly, I can’t speak for the team obviously, but I’d guess they’ll say ‘just keep doing what you’re doing for now’. Otherwise I’d hope they would have asked publicly already. Testing, feedback, involvement, spreading the good word, there’s no bad time for these things really. A coordinated group effort for marketing (which technically illiterate folks like myself and you can take more of a lead on) should probably wait until after we have a stable network that’s open to everyone to come and try out.

swissprivatebanker, suriana and a few others of us have created a slack channel to coordinate our efforts (you are welcome to join), but really we’re all just waiting and it’s not really active for now. I don’t think we do any favours for the project by getting loud too early, and those of us who aren’t engineers aren’t good for much more than we currently do - help test and support the community.

By the time Maidsafe have enough time to help guide and steer us through a guerrilla, decentralised marketing push I’d really hope we’ll already have taken the initiative ourselves. Many of us have bits and bobs ready. I’m sure Maidsafe will do all kinds of things post launch. I shouldn’t imagine there’s much we can do atm though.

You could always get an article written or some blog and forum posts prepared for BCT and reddit etc. When the time comes there will be a lot we can do and it’s never a bad idea to get prepared for it.


You could test out a new website I made instructions here and leave any feedback (criticisms, requests, bugs, features) you have here Joseph's Safe Websites Project, you might be able to spread news about it as it is one of the few non maidsafe-core developed websites that uses a good portion of the safe API.

If you are looking to learn to develop with the safe API, safe://safedemo.jam (github here) is a good entry point, I made a post with videos going over the code and the website here Joseph's Safe Websites Project


Joseph brings a good point, testing apps is an important consumer role. Our SAFE Cold Storage App could use this also, as well as the core testing of all apps made by the team at MaidSafe.

And telling all your friends! :slight_smile:


I cant test. Test not working for me. Posted in the update thread. Also I am a little bored of testing over the last couple of years to be honest lol. I feel that space has been filled and when I am testing because I am not tech saavy there is not much to my testing other than download the files, run them, does it work, yes or no, done. In this most recent case. No it does not work.


If we had a better handle on the timeline, it would be better. 6 months, 12 months, 2 years,blonger??? I know,I know, whatever it takes.

It will take another 5 years to test…

I like how people say it will take some large amount of years like 5 out of nowhere. Because… it could take 6, or 10. But it could also take 1, or 0.5. Meaningless timescales, lol.


I just mean It will take so long…

It’ll come out tomorrow.

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Well I mean he does have a point, we have seen working SAFE net and many of us feel it should just be released and then we can begin our work, I know I feel as though they just keep adding to it trying to perfect it.

There were many authors that never finished great works of art because they tried to perfect it but never just put what they had out there. That is the feeling many people get with SAFE. Just saying.

Like my original post, I am here to help. I want to help both for personal gain (obviously) but also for humanity and because I believe in the project and the technology but just sitting idly by when I know they can release what they have and let the rest happen is pretty frustrating TBH.

Anyway… it is what it is.

You’ve seen the baby walking in a stroller, you’ve not seen it walk unaided yet. It isn’t ready because it lacks several key features that are being added, tested and made to work with each testnet. If it was released now, it simply wouldn’t work.


Really? How does any network grow?

This baby may be an adult if it ever gets to walk unaided.

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Simply put the network would not last 2 days in the wild at the moment then noone will use it and it dies.

You don’t release until the major components, think of human organs, are created and in place connected together.

So we have a baby with a couple of organs and a limb or two. It simply cannot survive now.

For instance the next step of datachains 2 is required to ensure that bad nodes cannot take over and to help recover when nodes go off line in larger numbers than just a % or 2 going off line.

Also without the proper security in place the network is at the mercy of hackers and NSA etc.

This is not your normal project but a highly interconnected network that require a minimal number of components in place before it can be released. And that is what the testnets are for, to test new components being added.


Is there a document that spells out the various parts of the body that remain to be built and tested before release. Obviously only the technical people will understand what you are talkingabout.

Not AFAIK - but it would be a nice idea if someone could produce one. Until then there’s always the road map:


I thought the history of the Internet said otherwise. But anyway, getting off track now.

Check out the topic Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign.

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