Dear Apple, Your cable sucks

I was really disappointed with the after-sale service and the accessary quality of your company. Today, I go to the Apple store and the representative told that the cable was physically damaged and if I want to replace one, I have to pay 17USD. I think it is totally insane and ridiculous.

Firstly, it was not single case. I have found that many of relatives and friends are struggling with the cable quality issue so vulnerable to be cut.

Secondly, please trust me I am not such boring person that do the physical damage to the cable for fun. It is simple that spot near the head of cable is so unreliable.

Most importantly, from this small case, I can tell that your company’s philosophy does not focus on the customers but the profit.

Personally, I lose faith in your company. Maybe apple still can and will be success. I wish all the best of your company. However, I am not proud or excited to have an Apple product anymore. Ironically, now I am writing this letter on Mac; complaining the Cable issue to my friends through iPhone and feeling heartbroken as if I break up with my first love. Once time, Apple is apple of my eye. Goodbye my former lover. It is my farewell speech.

Only once loved we can hated so much.

Frank Huang

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I feel you, I have had to replace ac adaptors for my Apple laptop twice. Not sure if it is designed obsolescence or an engineering oversight but the cable split at the exact same spot in both cases. Thankfully the price of the cable has dropped from $90 to $60 since the last time it needed replacing.